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The department of Biostatistics was first operated as one of the nine pioneer department established in the Faculty of Public Health in October 12, 1948. The Department was named "Vital Statistics Unit" and was headed by Professor Dr.Pradit Sithichai. The main jobs were giving lectures in Biostatistics for the MPH students, under graduate sanitary students and public health nurses.

There were 3 academic staffs during 1948-1963 :
Assistant Professor Dr.Amnart Promnarth
Captain Professor Dr.Chaiyantr Kampanarthsanyakorn
Associate Professor Rampai Suksawadi Na Ayuthaya

The department was first located on the second floor of The Public Health Building No.1. In 1969, the "Vital Statistics Unit" was upgraded to the Department of Biostatistics and was headed by Captain Professor Dr.Chaiyantr Kampanarthsanyakorn. In 1982, the department moved to the second floor of the Public Health Building No.3., and has been there since then. The recruitment of staff has continued.

There were 11 heads of the department from 1948 to the present :
1. Professor Dr.Pradit Sithichai (1952-1963)
2. Captain Professor Dr.Chaiyantr Kampanarthsanyakorn (1964-1974)
3 Professor Dr.Somchai Supantavanich (1974-1975)
4. Associate Professor Dr.Yaowarat Porapakkham (1976-1990)
5. Associate Professor Rampai Suksawadi Na Ayuthaya (1990-1994)
6. Associate Professor Dr.Thavatchai Vorapongsathorn (1994-1998)
7. Assistant Professor Chaweewan Boonsuyar (1998-2001)
8. Assistant Professor Sumalee Singhaniyom (2001-2006)
9. Associate Professor Dr.Dechavudh Nityasuddhi (2006-2010)
10. Associate Professor Piangchan Rojanavipart (2010 - 2014)
11. Assistant Professor Nutkamol Chansatitporn (2014 - present)

The responsibility of the Department of Biostatistics is to give lectures on Biostatistics subjects for all Graduate programmes, to do research, to provide academic services and develop the new knowledge and technology in Biostatistics and Health Informatics. This knowledge will assist in improving quality of life for the population.